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Key West Pro Guides - Light Tackle - April 2019 Fishing Report
By: Capt. Paul Tryon

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April Light Tackle Fishing Report— For today's action call our "live line" at 866 259 4205

KEY WEST Fishing is On! April is full on Tarpon season in Key West. Here are some helpful insights to anglers interested in Tarpon fishing.

Tarpon are pursued in shallow waters primarily in our "Back Country" although the "Flats" angler can target them as well. Night Tarpon charters begin around April 1. We do not recommend more than 3 anglers to a back country boat with Tarpon as a primary target. Tarpon feed nocturnally therefore early morning and sunset are the most productive time frames...Let's go fishing!

April arrives and we enter into a period of outstanding action. Over the next few months some of the best fishing of the entire year comes to us. The huge schools of migrating Tarpon have arrived and are flooding into the shallows of the back country. Key West is now one of the most prolific Tarpon fisheries on the planet. Impressive schools of Bonefish are feeding heavily on the flats. We have experienced one of the best Sailfish seasons so far this year of the last decade and now comes Mahi Mahi time to dominate the blue water. The reef and wrecks are holding massive populations of true heavy weight gladiators ready to go head to head with the willing angler plus table fare species, the first choice of bottom fishers, become super aggressive. It's a time of exceptional action when fishing the waters of Key West! You may have the fishing rod knocked out of your hand over the next few months friends. Light Tackle/Reef & Wreck: April brings calmer winds and smaller seas typically yet still the conditions on the reef verses further offshore will remain far more comfortable for the angler concerned about motion discomfort. Cobia action continues to be outstanding with fish exceeding 50 pounds taken of late. Cobia should remain excellent for all of April then typically slow slightly over the next few months. The Snapper family continues to produce and with April we expect steady action targeting the Mangrove and YellowTail action. The larger Mutton Snapper will continue to provide some exceptional days on the reef especially as we move towards their spawning time. The Grouper family as always provides outstanding action however the harvest of Grouper ended January 1 with the season now closed until May 1 in Monroe county (all of the keys). Our elusive Permit is always challenging, the Permit is a sought after sport fish and prized by anglers from around the planet. April typically shows a marked improvement from the last few months and we are on the way to excellent Permit action over the next few months. The predator action with Barracuda and Sharks continues to be crazy good. April primary reef & wreck target species: Amberjack--Excellent



Grouper--Excellent--closed to harvest--



Yellow Tail--Very Good--Improving--



Notable: This is a time of transition in regards to our water temperatures so fishing conditions in general have improved nicely, friends. We still recommend fishing morning trips if going shallow (early departures are a must for your best success with Tarpon) as they remain the most productive over the later afternoon hours for the serious angler but again the afternoon trips are good. The PM half day trips only continue to improved as the population of fish in the shallows continues to increase. The afternoons can be quite enjoyable especially for those people just looking to stay in calm waters and enjoy a fun few hours catching fish. Reef trips in the afternoon fishing slightly deeper waters along with the patch reefs can be very good trips for later in the day departure times. Sharks are plentiful and active. Pursuing these heavy weight monsters on light tackle is challenging to say the least and talk about something you cannot do at home!

April Fishing Report—For today's live action call 866 259 4205 Let's go Fishing! Call Key West Pro Guides today to book your charter 866 259 4205 daily 7 AM to 9 PM. We look forward to your call

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