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Key West Pro Guides - Flats/BackCountry Report - March 2017
By: Capt. Paul Tryon

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March Flats & Back Country Fishing Report For today's action call 866 259 4205

On the flats our water temperatures have risen slightly improving the Bonefish action. Our prevailing early season winds can still be somewhat difficult for the fly caster some days however better conditions are coming to us nowadays. The Bonefish action during March improves. March is typically the kick off to the flats providing some outstanding action. It is Tarpon time now although the overall population of Tarpon in our waters today will not compare to the numbers of adult Tarpon here by April 1 as the spawning migration continues bringing newly arriving fish daily. Permit action by mid-March is notably better and the flats angler will be getting shots at our most elusive shallow water sport fish. The flats angler should continue to include Barracuda and sharks on his hit list as these cruising predators will be easily found and are typically aggressive. Understand we provide a true "flats fishing experience" and this should not be confused with the back country fishing.

In comparison the back country is a very productive trip in March for the angler looking for faster paced action verses the challenges of the flats species and therefore for most anglers remains our first recommendations for those guests looking to stay shallow this month. The overall population of fish in the back country is exploding with the Tarpon migration bringing us adult fish flooding into our back country and shallows where soon the spawning rituals will play out. The overall numbers of sport fish species, edible fish, predators, and several schooling species continue to provide super fast paced action while keeping things non technical in our approach. A perfect trip for the hard core light tackle angler to the novice angler or the family or larger groups. The back country is also a fly fishers dream come true with protection from the wind for long casts and plentiful fish which will readily pursue a fly. Tarpon time gets underway earlier in the season than the flats typically. We continue to enjoy an abundance of visible marine life, tropical birds on the Mangrove Island shorelines, mirror calm, crystal clear waters and more for the outdoors and nature lovers .

The Redfish action slows slightly dipping into the "good" range by March and continues slowing until months end. March most years in Key West is not known for being a great Redfish destination like that of the Everglades. Meanwhile Snook remain difficult to trigger until late in March when water temperatures and conditions bring them to life daily. This is a time overall of fast paced "excellent" action from the schools of BIG Jacks including some exceptionally larger fish going north of 25 pounds…an absolute blast on light tackle and top water! Sea Trout and Pompano remain but fall from our attention most days as we look to pursue the more prized sport fish.

The 1/2 day to 3/4 day morning departure trips continue to produce well however the afternoon water temperatures still are not so high as to slow the later part of the day with good tides. Afternoon trips can be awesome.

Our outstanding predator fishing especially for behemoth Barracuda continues in March. Sight casting to Giant Barracuda and several species of Sharks in the shallows continues to produce. The Marquesas being remote and isolated from the nearer Key West fishing grounds are an exceptional trip for the angler looking for explosive top water action targeting Barracuda. Our Monster Shark charters are always awesome and continually produce multiple larger sharks even on the 1/2 day trips on the calmer days. We "highly recommend" a back country charter this time of year and especially for those guests looking for a shorter than full day trip.

Let's go Fishing! Call Key West Pro Guides today to book your charter 866 259 4205 daily 7 AM to 9 PM. We look forward to your call!

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